Honoring Your Cycle

Saturday April 26th 1-4pm

12South Yoga Studio


Rachel Mathenia will lead a class based on the menstruation sequence as practiced with Geeta in the  Iyengar's Woman's class at the Iyengar Institute in Pune, India. Prop setups for various supported seated forward extensions, supine postures and backward extension will be covered. Practice will be followed with a women's circle, a cup of tea and a discussion of the sequence and how your yoga practice can honor your cycle. A hand out of the Iyengar Menstruation Sequence with images will be given out.


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Space is limited to 20 yoginis (females only). 

@12South Yoga Studio
Description: What stories do you tell yourself about your body, your life situation...your yoga practice? Through observation, journaling, and traditional Indian stories associated with certain asanas, we will explore the interplay between practice and storytelling. Please bring tools for writing. You will be invited to share your observations, but no one will be required to share against their will! 
Led by Zo Newell, Ph.D., E-RYT 500, author of the award-winning "Downward Dogs and Warriors: Wisdom Tales for Modern Yogis" (Himalayan Institute Press) and longtime yoga lover. Copies of Zo's book will be available for purchase.  Expect some new stories from her second book-in-the-works!

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@Yoga Center of Nashville
Friday - 6-8pm
Saturday - 9am-12pm, 2-5pm
Sunday - 9:30am-12:30pm, 2-5pm
One parent may accompany their teen with scoliosis for free. 
This workshop is intended for both yoga students and teachers.
Deborah will teach a direct approach to relief  and awareness addressing types of chronic back pain and alignment issues such as disc herniation,
 spondylolisthesis, swayback, whiplash and kyphosis. The Yoga poses practiced in this workshop with a specific focus can be the key to 
alleviating pain and creating more balance in the body. This workshop is for students of all levels who wish to work on any issues related to 
pain and discomfort in the back and for teachers wishing to learn more about how to work with these issues:
• Spinal Anatomy (Sagital curves)
• Physiology of such back issues as: disc herniation and other disc issues, kyphosis, lordosis, spondylolisthesis, sciatica, neck and shoulder issues
• Physiology of degenerative bone diseases: osteoporosis, arthritis
• Muscular issues
• How to “see” and correct postural problems and return to neutral curves of the spine
• Defining and describing pain
• Asana and modifications for acute back issues and pain
• Asana and modifications for chronic back issues and pain
Deborah will introduce participants to the structure of the spine, the anatomy of scoliosis and how it affects one’s physiology and health. Yoga asanas and principles of sequencing will be practiced and modified for different curvatures and pain issues. Participants will learn how to develop a yoga practice which specifically addresses their own patterns and needs using awareness and alignment.
• Defining scoliosis and asymmetry through spinal anatomy
• Understanding and “seeing” lateral asymmetry and rotation
• How scoliosis affects spatial and balance issues
• How scoliosis affects the nervous system and can create jointissues and pain
• Asana to realign and connect with the limbs.
• Asana and breath techniques to create awareness, relieve pain, balance the nervous system and possibly stabilize the curves themselves.
Deborah Wolk, ERYT500 is Co-Director of the Yoga Union Center For Backcare & Scoliosis. 
Having practiced yoga since 1994, Deborah found that specifically practicing alignment-based yoga could control back pain and arrest the progression of her scoliosis. That awareness inspired her to complete Alison West’s Yoga Union Teacher Training in 2000. Deborah then studied Yoga and Scoliosis with Bobbie Fultz, completed Karin Stephan's Advanced Studies Program in Therapeutics and Healing in 2003 and was certified as a Yoga for Scoliosis trainer through Elise Browning Miller's teacher training in 2005. She studied in Pune with the Iyengars in 2007 and has studied intensively with Genny Kapuler and Donald Moyer for over a decade.
Since 2002 Deborah has taught Yoga & Scoliosis workshops in New York City, nationwide and in Europe.
Founded in 2007; Deborah and Alison West Co-Direct the Yoga Union Center for Backcare and Scoliosis in NYC. Deborah teaches a wide variety of classes for students with back problems and scoliosis.She created and taught the first classes ever for teens with scoliosis and for students with Harrington Rods and other spinal fusions and surgeries.
Deborah can be reached by email at dwolkYoga@gmail.com or by calling 917-826-9712.  To learn more about Deborah, please visit yogaunionbackcare.com.

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Yoga Society Nashville

Connecting Bodies, Minds and Spirits Through Yoga 

In 1977, a group of people who practiced yoga decided to build an organization dedicated to helping others learn about the benefits of yoga and make it possible for people to find teachers and classes. They started YSN, a not-for-profit organization with volunteer officers dedicated to helping the yoga community thrive and grow. 


Yoga Society Nashville strives to bring together teachers and students of all traditions for the study, practice, and promotion of yoga in our community and beyond. 


YSN hosts the following events: 

* Yoga Masala: bringing yogis together to explore the variety of yoga and discover the wealth of knowledge embodied by yoga teachers from around the community. 


* Scholarship events honoring June LaSalvia, Bill Kuckler, and John Franklin. These help students further their knowledge and skills.


* Yoga Fair: join us as we bring the community together in this celebration of yoga.


* Educational Events: not just yoga, information of interest to both students and teachers.


Join us as we build awareness of yoga.   


Our Commitment:

YSN is committed to improving its service to members and to the yoga community at large. 


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