the Yoga Society of Nashville - YSN 

Connecting Bodies, Minds and Spirits Through Yoga 

In 1977, a group of people who practiced yoga decided to build an organization dedicated to helping others learn about the benefits of yoga and make it possible for people to find teachers and classes. They started YSN, a not-for-profit organization with volunteer officers dedicated to helping the yoga community thrive and grow. 


The Yoga Society of Nashville unites students and teachers of all traditions through study, practice, and service.


YSN hosts the following events: 

* Yoga Masala: bringing yogis together to explore the variety of yoga and discover the wealth of knowledge embodied by yoga teachers from around the community. 


* Scholarship events honoring June LaSalvia, Bill Kuckler, and John Franklin. These help students further their knowledge and skills.


* Yoga Fair: join us as we bring the community together in this celebration of yoga.


* Educational Events: not just yoga, information of interest to both students and teachers.


Join us as we build awareness of yoga.   


Our Commitment:

YSN is committed to improving its service to the yoga community at large. 


Please feel free to contact us at and give us suggestions, ideas and feedback. 

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