FloYo - Nashville SUP Yoga

07/10/2014 19:28

Give 'boat pose' a different meaning this summer by taking your yoga practice to the water.

Paddleboard yoga -- or FloYo® -- is exactly what the name suggests: floating yoga practiced on a paddleboard floating on water. Stand-up paddling is a relatively new form of fitness in Music City but the popularity continues to grow.

Liz Veyhl is now in her third summer teaching students on the water and she has seen the FloYo classes grow in popularity as well. Nashville Paddle Co. now offers 6 classes throughout the week and most weekend classes are consistently sold out. But if you think yoga while afloat sounds difficult, you're not alone.

"One of the most common statements I hear before people get out on the water is 'that looks really hard', or 'I could never do that,'" Veyhl says. "But one element of this practice I love is learning to take yourself lightly. Falling in the water and laughing at yourself is expected, and we have fun with it."

Paddleboard yoga promises to take your practice to a whole new level. Every asana involves some sort of balancing, which in-turn uses various muscles far more than a typical land practice.

One advantage of being on water is the ability to experiment, Veyhl says. "When students fall out of a tree pose, or a headstand attempt, they land in water, which is much more forgiving than a studio floor."

A typical FloYo class lasts about 90 minutes, with the first portion covering safety instruction and paddling techniques followed by a guided flow. Visit www.nashvillepaddle.com for a schedule of classes and experience the fun of outdoor yoga in a completely different environment.

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