Marketing Tips from Dez

04/26/2014 18:25

Marketing Tips from Dez Stephens

Marketing Maven, YSN Secretary

  • Have a 15-second (and 30-second) “elevator” speech memorized in case someone asks, “What do you do for a living?” or “What’s up with you?” Be ready to give a positive nutshell version of what you do FOR OTHERS (benefits, solutions, etc). 
  • Join an association or organization that is affiliated with or complementary to your industry (both locally and nationally) only if the membership cost equals the value received. 
  • Attend local networking events (but not ones that charge) to introduce yourself and your services to other professionals (women’s groups, business groups, etc).
  • Print affordable marketing materials such as biz cards, brochures, signs, folders, magnets, stickers, etc (,,, Carry around a lot of your business cards to distribute in impromptu 
    situations like going to the dry cleaner or doctor on a visit. When people ask you for your business card, offer them more than one so they can pass them on to others.