Summer Fun - Outdoor Yoga

06/02/2014 19:08


Join Team Green Adventures and Kali Yuga Yoga every Tuesday evening from Memorial Day through Labor Day for Yoga at Centennial Park - a wonderful way to unwind from your day, enjoy the outdoors, and have some fun. Kali Yuga Yoga student instructors will lead this beginner-friendly practice each week, highlighting some basic yoga poses and how to perform them safely and effectively. All levels and abilities are welcome. Afterwards, jump in on Team Green's Sand Volleyball!

Yoga is a fantastic workout to both build your strength and to learn valuable stretching poses for after a workout. While at Yoga in the Park, feel free to ask the instructor for a “theme” to your workout. For example, if you want to prepare for a long hike or if you want to stretch after your long paddling getaway from the weekend before, say so!

When: Tuesdays from 6-7pm 
Yoga starts promplty at 6:15pm. Late arrivals are discouraged, so please try to be prompt. Thanks!
Where: Centennial Park Sand Volleyball Field with Kali Yuga Yoga
Meet to the RIGHT of the Sand Volleyball courts, in the flat grassy area. 
Cost: FREE event, open to the public

Trip Leader: Sheryl Handley or Keeley Puncochar

Difficulty: Yoga is beginner-friendly. Choose the pose that is most comfortable for you and go at your own pace 
Registration: No registration is needed - just show up and jump in!
Group Size: There are no group size limits for yoga, but getting there early will help secure you a spot up front!

Parking: Parking is available throughout Centennial Park. There is a small lot adjacent to the volleyball courts, but if that is full, there are others nearby!


Children Policy: Children are welcome, but must be supervised if they are not focused enough to participate
Dog Policy: Dogs welcome, but must be supervised and on a leash
Weather Policy: This event will continue only in good weather. If it is raining, yoga will be cancelled for that week. Check out Team Green's Facebook and Twitter pages for last-minute weather notifications. We try to wait as long as possible before canceling!
Cancellation Policy: No registration, no cancellations. Just show up to participate!


-Yoga mat or large towel (some mats may be available, but no guarantees)
-Comfortable, cool clothes that allow movement
-Hand towel (if you get sweaty)
-Bug spray (expect ants and mosquitos!)

It is very important that all participants sign the Weekly Waiver. We'll be raffling a name each week for a prize from the list of signed waiver!


Kali Yuga Yoga studio is a gathering place built on passion, love and generosity of spirit. Kali Yuga Yoga holds its roots in the philosophy that we can use yoga as physical therapy to reverse the effects of the "Kali Yuga." Using the ancient principals of "Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space" in conjunction with the physical poses, we seek to manipulate ourselves to control both the involuntary and voluntary actions of the body, cleansing and balancing us both inside and out.

Check out additional wide variety of classesworkshops and retreats offered by Kali Yuga Yoga!


We are so excited to merge Team Green's Volleyball and Yoga in the Park on the same evenings from June through August (affectionately called our "Wellness Playing Field.") Come out for a relaxing Yoga session, and fit in a round of volleyball afterwards!


No registration necessary. Just show up! Please be patient when a large group is present, as it can be difficult to hear the instructor outdoorswith a large group.