Treats For Teachers

09/15/2012 10:49

YSN celebrates 35 years with "Treats for Teachers"

on Saturday, October 27 at the Brentwood Library from 2-6pm.
We invite all yoga teachers to join us for a FREE afternoon of education, food, and fun.

2:00pm - Using Aromatherapy in Your Class with Trish Nagy

3:15pm - Structural Misalignment with Diane Avice du Buisson

4:30pm - Finger foods - healthy & delicious
4:45pm - Marketing Tips for Yoga Teachers with Dez Stephens

RSVP at by Friday Oct. 26th.

2:00pm - Using Aromatherapy in Your Class with Trish Nagy

Aromatherapy can influence your state of mind, encouraging you to relax into a deeper state of serenity while practicing yoga. Essential oils can sanitize mats, ease muscle strain and enhance meditation.  Trish will share tips to support yoga practice with aromatherapy essential oils.  

As an advanced certified practitioner of vibrational healing modalities, Trish has over a decade of experience working with individuals, couples and families who feel tangled by stress, lack direction or a loss of purpose, or simply feel uninspired in life. Her Yoga studio serves many military families with hot yoga classes, meditations, and wellness therapies.   Trish Nagy, RYT,


3:15pm - Structural Misalignment with Diane Avice du Buisson

Diane Avice du Buisson was diagnosed with scoliosis when she was a teenager.  She suffered with symptoms from a severe "S" curvature of the spine, including an extreme 45 degree curvature in the lower lumbar area.   She began practicing yoga at the age of 20 but it wasn't until 1983 when she met and began studying with a nomadic world traveling Ashtanga yogi that the yoga practices began to straighten her spine.   Now, at age 54, Diane is  predominately symptom free and continues to practice yoga and experiences structural shifts and healing.   During this program, Diane will share some of her personal experiences along with techniques for identifying and healing structural misalignments.   The session will include demonstrations and a question and answer segment for personal inquiries.


Diane Avice du Buisson has studied and practiced yoga for 34 years. She has trained in diverse yoga traditions and has an extensive background in Tibetan buddhism.  Diane founded Yoga Source in Nashville in 1995. Her classes are taught in a meditative and fluid vinyasa style with a focus on clearing the winds and channels of the body. There is an emphasis on the eight limbs of yoga and revealing the true nature of the mind.


4:45pm - Marketing Tips for Yoga Teachers with Dez Stephens
Is marketing the weak link in your business? Learn how to easily promote your products or services in super affordable ways. Get the word out through simple and effective techniques to win over potential clients. Discover how fun marketing can become! You will learn advanced-beginner level basics on cross-marketing, social media, public relations, community outreach, how to start a FREE website, email marketing, collateral materials and signage, and more!
Dez Stephens is founder of Radiant Health Institute and is producing "Wellness Matters Expo" in Nashville in June, 2013. She is a certified life coach, master trainer & marketing strategist who is known for her great insight and compassionate support. Dez has nearly 20 years of marketing experience - both in the corporate arena and also as a freelancer (guess which one she likes best?).