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Yoga Sequence for Sinus Relief By Leighanne Buchanan, YSN President

04/29/2014 18:50
My favorite pose to help drain the sinuses is supported bridge pose using a block. You will know within 10 seconds if this is the right pose for you.(Skip this pose during menstruation or if you have glaucoma.) You will either feel the sinuses begin to drain with a breath of relief or you feel...

Mary Pafford Week At Gray Bear: What Sustains Your Truth?

04/29/2014 00:00
By Tonya Cardente,Yoga Instructor and Presence Seeker   If you haven’t experienced the healing power of a trip to Grey Bear Lodge in Hohenwald, TN, don’t miss out! Gray Bear offers many programs, weekend retreats, workshops, and personalized options to get away and recharge. I was...

Marketing Tips from Dez

04/26/2014 18:25
Marketing Tips from Dez Stephens Marketing Maven, YSN Secretary Have a 15-second (and 30-second) “elevator” speech memorized in case someone asks, “What do you do for a living?” or “What’s up with you?” Be ready to give a positive...

Artist Spotlight: Rebecca Carey

03/30/2014 20:47
Artist Spotlight: Rebecca Carey   Yoga became a large part of Rebecca's life shortly after her move to Nashville, TN. She discovered that practicing yoga could leave her feeling physically and mentally refreshed and rejuvenated. Rebecca realized the benefits of this practice...

Nashville Ayurveda

03/30/2014 20:44
    Spring type allergies such as hay fever and congestion, cough, sore throat, sinus congestion, all have a tendency to be Kapha imbalances in nature. Kapha is primarily made up of water and earth and is associated with qualities of being cool, slimy, slow, cloudy, heavy, dense, soft,...

Yoga for Kids

03/30/2014 20:42
Whether or not you are a parent, you likely know that the options for extracurricular activities are abundant for our kids today. As a mom, I have seen first-hand the endless options for sports and clubs compared to when I was a kid. And while any yogi knows the benefits of a yoga practice, some...
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