Our Team

YSN President

Leighanne Buchanan

Leighanne Buchanan has been practicing yoga for over 25 years. When she is not practicing yoga she can be found curled up with a book or hiking.

YSN Treasurer

Su Franklin

Su is a naturalized Southerner; born in South Bend, IN, she grew up in Florida and has lived in the Nashville area for more than 25 years. A graphic artist by day, Su has served on the Board in various capacities during the past few years, and is currently the Treasurer. 


She has also been instrumental in creating and editing Salutation and other YSN documents. "I never realized how strong and vibrant the yoga community in Nashville is until I joined YSN," she said. "I am grateful for the opportunity to explore different styles of yoga and to practice with a variety of teachers through YSN's workshops, and I have enjoyed meeting so many wonderful and interesting people with YSN. I am thankful to be able to serve the yoga community through YSN, and I am dedicated to taking YSN to a new level as an organization."


YSN Secretary

Dez Stephens

Dez Stephens is founder of Radiant Health Institute, a consortium of holistic educators and practitioners dedicated to enhancing lives through special events, holistic coaching and meaningful publishing. Dez is a certified life coach, master trainer & marketing strategist who is known for her great insight and compassionate support. Originally from Chicago, Dez is an avid yoga student and volunteers as a life coach for local nonprofit organizations such as Better Decisions.