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Decharging-An Essential Ancient Practice for Every Modern Day Yogi (Teacher, Healer and Parent) by Kimberly Naujock-Hargrove

07/10/2014 19:45
Decharging-An Essential Ancient Practice for Every Modern Day Yogi (Teacher, Healer and Parent) by Kimberly Naujock-Hargrove   If there was one practice I wish all teachers, students, energy healers, and parents knew and incorporated into their lives, it’s how to properly...

Nashville AcroYoga

07/10/2014 19:40
Nashville Acro-Yoga is growing into a thriving scene! You can find out the lastest happenings including Acro-Jams and visiting teachers at the Nashville Acroyoga facebook page.  

Balance by Brent Coleman

07/10/2014 19:34
I used to attend a class called “Yoga Nerd” in New York City.  Anusara junkies would gather their pocket protectors and their acute knowledge of exactly where their shoulder blades were on their backs and "open up to grace" through rhomboidal and serratus anteriorological...

FloYo - Nashville SUP Yoga

07/10/2014 19:28
Give 'boat pose' a different meaning this summer by taking your yoga practice to the water. Paddleboard yoga -- or FloYo® -- is exactly what the name suggests: floating yoga practiced on a paddleboard floating on water. Stand-up paddling is a relatively new form of...

Summer Fun - Outdoor Yoga

06/02/2014 19:08
EVENT DETAILS Join Team Green Adventures and Kali Yuga Yoga every Tuesday evening from Memorial Day through Labor Day for Yoga at Centennial Park - a wonderful way to unwind from your day, enjoy the outdoors, and have some fun. Kali...

Artist Spotlight: Massood Taj

06/02/2014 18:52
  Massood Taj is a multi-instrumentalist musician creating global meditative music for sacred spaces.  Drawing on influences from the indigenous music of the world’s mystical traditions including his own Sufi heritage, he composes live improvised tapestries of sound as...

Home Practice by Wendy Davis

06/01/2014 20:36
There are many benefits to starting a home yoga practice. One is you can practice anytime and anywhere--you just need you and a mat. Home practice fosters a deeper exploration of the poses and strengthens the connection between your body and mind. In the quiet of a self-practice, you become your...

Where Is This Pain Coming From by Deborah Wolk

06/01/2014 20:25
Scoliosis was not part of my path to yoga: yoga brought me to scoliosis. Yoga also brought me to  practice and to teaching—which I love.    When I was in school, I had a drawing teacher that no one but I liked. One day, he made the model get up  on the table and pose in...

Meet Deborah Wolk!

04/29/2014 20:23
Meet Deborah Wolk! She is coming to Nashville to teach the Back Care Workshop from July 18th-20th.  Deborah Wolk, ERYT500 is Co-Director of the Yoga Union Center For Backcare & Scoliosis.    Having practiced yoga since 1994, Deborah found that specifically practicing...

Practice by Aretha Blevins

04/29/2014 19:16
I did not enjoy my first year of piano lessons.  My first months of practice were consumed with scales. Bleh.  My piano teacher was warm and friendly, but learning scales was not.  They were boring.  My hands moved awkwardly and I could not hear anything but the clunking of one...
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